Stay up to date, anonymous and in contact after making a report

Log in to the Whistleblower Portal to check for updates on the progress of your report via the Message Board. Further information, evidence, updates or alleged retaliation can also be reported to Your Call and/or the organisation via the Whistleblower Portal.

Investigations are not static and things can change as inquiries are made so it is probable Your Call or the organisation will need to communicate with you after your report.

We encourage you to login to the Message Board within 2-4 business days of your report and regularly thereafter.

As we play an intermediary role with the organisation at all times, all communication is reviewed by Your Call first and submitted promptly to the organisation’s nominated Officers.

You can continue to remain anonymous at all times.

If you have elected to remain anonymous to the organisation, we will edit any information or attachment that will potentially identify you. If edited, you and the organisation will be notified that it has been done so as to ensure the integrity and transparency of our systems. This is part of our commitment to you to provide a secure, external and independent service which receives confidential information.

Use Your Call with peace of mind using our secure 256-bit encrypted connection.

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